Advantages of Playing Stock Market Games

Advantages of playing fantasy stock market games for students

The world has changed drastically from a decade ago when the stock market and its wonders were restricted to the interested few. Today, investing or trading in the stock market is truly democratised and available to everyone with a smartphone, an active internet connection, and a willingness to learn.


We also have an easier route to learning about the stock market with an even smaller learning curve – fantasy stock market games. In this article, we learn what stock market games are, the advantages of playing fantasy stock market games for students, and how to get started with them. 


Let’s get started! 


What are stock market games?

Stock market games are online games that either simulate the stock market setting or use elements or variables derived from stock markets to enhance user engagement in the game. You could also have games that require you to keep track of market proceedings to get an edge over the competition, enabling a more interesting form of learning. 


Why are stock market games recommended for students?

As a student interested in the stock market and other assets, you have plenty of time available but limited resources. If you cannot spend on courses and webinars or splash a small fortune on experimental trading, stock market games are the best avenue.


Here are few advantages of playing fantasy stock market games for students:

With stock market games like TradingLeagues, you first get an idea of the basics – how buying and selling works, what determines the price of a stock, the possible variables that affect the stock price, and more. To be able to understand so many variables and get an idea of patterns takes time, and you can do it while winning yourself some cash prizes with these games. 


Secondly, every strategy you create for yourself needs to be honed and tried and tested. What better platform than one that rewards you when you get things right? When you see your strategies work and deliver returns, you are more confident in testing them in the real world. 


Lastly, they say that you learn more from your failures than your successes in the stock market. Wouldn’t you rather fail in a game where the stakes are low instead of the actual stock markets where you have real money to be lost? 


How do stock market games work?

We have quite a few different kinds of stock market games that work in their own different ways. With TradingLeagues, for instance, we have four different kinds of games that are all related to the stock markets but differently. 


Let’s take a look at how TradingLeagues games help students to learn trading –



      1. Battle Leagues


            • It is the simplest stock market game of all. Once you have downloaded the TradingLeagues app, you’re given choice between two options when you’re playing Battle Leagues. The options are two contemporary stocks, cryptos, or other assets, and you have to pick the one that you think will outperform the other.

        1. Target Leagues


              • This is a game where you put your forecasting skills to the test. You pick a stock or an asset and predict the price at which it would be trading at the end of the game’s duration. The games can range from 10 minutes to a whole trading day, and you can compete with your friends to polish your stock market skills.

          1. Selection Leagues


                • With this game, you move out of dealing with singular stocks to get into creating a portfolio. You create a portfolio of your own that includes stocks, crypto, US stocks, and more to compete with other players. You can choose between guaranteed and non-guaranteed prize pools to sharpen your stock market insight.

            1. Classic Leagues


                  • This is your opportunity to be crowned the best day trader. With this game, you will compete against all the other day traders testing their strategies by buying and selling at various intervals of the game. The playing ground could be any famous global indices like the S&P 500, Sensex, or Nifty. You also get to sharpen your charting and technical indicators! 


            You can start your online trade game journey with TradingLeagues. It is as interesting as it is simple, and the rewards make everything a bit more magical. You can download the TradingLeague app today to get started & have monetary proof of your stock market genius!