Best crypto to buy now: How to pick a cryptocurrency for day trading?

Best crypto to buy now: How to pick a cryptocurrency for day trading?

Day trading, in the context of crypto trading, is a short-term buying and selling of crypto within a day. The traders in the market open and close their positions on the same day. They do this to take advantage of volatility in the market. 


Such traders employ several tools for technical analysis, including trading signals, chart patterns, and indicators. Traders track the main market trends in crypto pricing based on charts and stats. Similarly, day traders also follow news and analyse market sentiments related to investment in crypto coins.


Before you set out to make a profit by day trading crypto coins, ensure that you know what kind of coins to look at, before choosing the currency for trading.

What type of crypto coins to pick? How does this help?
High liquidity coins
Ensures that ample traders in the market will take interest and perform quick execution at a good price
High volatility coins
Ensure traders to make quick entry and exit over a shorter time
Media and market reputation of crypto coin
Ensures an understanding of crypto coin reputation and market worthiness
Coins with high trading volume
Ensures that sustained, increasing volume in buying pushes the prices of the cryptocurrency higher
Fundamental and technical analysis of crypto coin
  • Ensures consideration of valuable insights in the context of long-term prospects of the crypto assets
  • Ensures the addition of another layer of security

What if you had a slate board to practice writing on before submitting a final paper? TradingLeagues offers just that! It is a fantasy crypto & stock market game app that comes with several games under four leagues that make players learn up how the markets operate. The more you play, the better you get to practice trading virtually.


The top games available on the app under four leagues are-

1. Battle Leagues

TradingLeagues provides various crypto coin-based trading games.

TradingLeagues provides various crypto coin-based trading games. These multiplayer games help you practice by picking coins you believe can outperform the others. Compete with players to know how trading works and when you must close your position.


Once you have clarity on how to predict prices and read price movements; day trading in crypto becomes easier to tackle.

2. Target Leagues

Target Leagues - Get the hang of forecasting price movements and, finally, practise technical analysis of stock performances.

Compete among players for a prize pool that is pre-mentioned on the app, by trading with Ethereum and Bitcoin. 


Target Leagues – Get the hang of forecasting price movements and, finally, practise technical analysis of stock performances.


3. Selection Leagues

Selection Leagues - Create a winning portfolio of stocks.

This has a minimum entry fee and also offers a winning amount when you make profits from picking the right coins for trading. Go ahead and choose among the right coins to earn profits. Build the best-performing portfolio virtually and stock up the right amount of coins now!

4. Classic Leagues

Classic Leagues - Pick a stock and practise intraday trading. 

Classic Leagues linked to a prize pool, and you get to compete among players in the context of trading with crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You get to understand how live price movements work and trade via predictions on the right coin.


Read on to discover the best cryptocurrencies to buy today!

7 Top Cryptocurrency to Invest in today ranked

Weigh on the liquidity of the asset in the crypto market, the market capitalisation and other factors mentioned earlier. Make an informed choice. Here is a list (with top features) of the most preferred cryptocurrency coins for day trading

1. Dogecoin

2. Shiba Inu

3. Cosmos (ATOM)

4. Ethereum

5. Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is the cryptocurrency coin that powers the BNB Chain ecosystem

6. Tron

7. Cardano

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source.


While there are risks involved in crypto coin-based day trading, gaining a thorough understanding of the domain and how it works takes you a long way forward. Keep engaging in crypto trading games and learn about the conditions that govern the real market.

Download TradingLeagues and master the crypto day trading game with daily practice across the games under the leagues. These games help you enhance your understanding of when to invest and when to sell off coins. Moreover, you get to learn about the ways of cryptocurrency. Following and tracking price changes and market conditions help you get better at settling the opening and closing positions too. Hurry up and download the TradingLeagues app now!