Best trading apps in India: Top 7 online stock market apps

Best trading apps in India: Top 7 online stock market apps

There’s an app for everything these days. Stock trading is one such popular subject with numerous apps. But how do you choose which one is best for you? Since there are several apps, we have segregated these to pick.


Read through the list of the top 7 stock market apps below:

App Name Features Language supported A/C Opening Charge Brokerage (Per Trade)


Advanced charting tool



Rs. 20


Highly safe and trustworthy broker
Up to Rs. 975.
Rs. 35 Minimum


Easy fund transfer options
Rs. 20

Angel One

Hassle-free KYC process


Good educational resources and analysis
English and 7 regional languages.
Rs. 20

Zerodha Kite

Excellent user interface
English and 10 regional languages
Rs. 200
Rs. 20

Paytm Money

Quick account opening
English and 10 regional languages.
Rs. 200
Rs. 15

1. Groww

Android rating: 4.5

iOS rating: 4.3

Trade: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Futures and Options. 

Customer service: Live chat, phone call, and email. 



  • Offers one-click buying and selling.
  • Equips with latest financial news and insights, helping traders make informed decisions
  • Includes wide range of technical charts and indicators
  • Option for one-page stock analysis and history



Groww offers a limited portfolio of products which excludes commodities and currencies. They also don’t provide any margin trading facility.

2. ICICIdirect

Android rating: 4.4

iOS rating: 4.4

Trade: Stocks, Futures and Options, Commodities, and Currency. 

Customer service: Phone call and email. 



  • Offers a range of global stocks and other global instruments to choose from. 
  • Provides expert research and investing tips. 
  • Investors can use a SIP option. 
  • Allows purchase insurance through the app.



The brokerage charged by ICICIdirect is quite high compared to discount brokers.

3. Upstox

Android rating: 4.3

iOS rating: 4.3

Trade: Stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, gold, futures and options. 

Customer service: Live chat, email, phone call. 



  • Allows opening of free account and demat account. 
  • Includes 100+ technical indicators for better decision making 
  • Learn through a demo account without any cost. 
  • Enables easy transfer of funds through UPI. 



As Upstox is a discount broking company, they do not provide any advice or tips. However, there are several tools available to help traders make an informed decision

4. Angel One

Android rating: 4.3 

iOS rating: 4

Trade: Stocks, US stocks, Commodities, Mutual Funds, IPO, Futures and Options. 

Customer service: Phone call, email. 



  • Free demat accounting opening
  • 5000+ stocks availability
  • Check charting tools like TradingView
  • Avail over 5000 mutual fund schemes 



Users cannot make GTT orders and lack a three-in-one account which is popular these days.

5. 5paisa

Android rating: 4.3

iOS rating: 4.2

Trade: Stocks, US Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Gold

Customer service: Phone calls and email. 



  • No hidden commissions levied on mutual investments
  • Invest in stocks through a stock SIP
  • Learn more about analysis tools and the latest news
  • Withdraw money up to four times per day 



5Paisa does not offer any NRI trading services. The charges are higher than usual exchange transaction fees than other discount brokers.

6. Zerodha Kite

Android rating: 4.2

iOS rating: 3.5

Trade: Stocks, metals, commodities, derivatives, bonds, etc. 

Customer service: Ticketing system. 



  • A sleek UI with an updated look
  • Its level 3 data allows intraday traders to make informed trading decisions
  • Advanced charting features with extensive historical data
  • Offers GTT (good till triggered) orders 



Zerodha lacks backtesting or scanners. It does not allow individuals to invest in mutual funds or IPOs through this app.

7. Paytm Money

Android rating: 3.7

iOS rating: 4.5

Trade: Equity, Futures and Options, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds, Fixed Instruments. 

Customer service: Live chat, phone call, email. 



  • Unlimited investment without a transaction fee. 
  • Free risk assessment for traders 
  • Helps traders in analysing investment decisions
  • Free account statements for viewing all transactions at any point in time



Paytm Money does not provide any branch support. Also, it does not provide any currency or commodity trading facilities.

Best stock market learning app for beginners: TradingLeagues

All the apps mentioned above deal solely with trading. However, how about an app that helps in faster learning of the nuances of trading along with practising them first-hand before using the features in real-time? If you are looking for one such application then TradingLeagues, the fantasy stock market game is your destination to learn and understand trading through practise which helps beginners learn the nuances of trading through fun challenges and games.


however, one app lets you practise the dos and don’ts through stock trading games. TradingLeagues is one such which helps beginners learn the nuances of trading through fun challenges and games.


Each game on this app targets a specific area of trading to help beginners. It enables players to compete with others and win prizes. There are four Leagues to choose from:


Battle Leagues - pick stocks, watch them go up or down, research the price trends and finally, understand what factors dictate the stock behaviour.
  • Battle Leagues – Try and pick the winner between two stocks. 
Target Leagues - Get the hang of forecasting price movements and, finally, practise technical analysis of stock performances.
  • Target Leagues – Choose a stock and try to forecast the price. 
Selection Leagues - Create a winning portfolio of stocks.
  • Selection Leagues – Create a winning portfolio of stocks.
Classic Leagues - Pick a stock and practise intraday trading. 
  • Classic Leagues – Pick a stock and practise intraday trading. 

This unique app turns the scary stock market into a game so beginners can take their first steps without risk or worry.


TradingLeagues is available on both Android and iOS. Download the app now!


Wrapping up

Researching the broker you will trade with is essential for every new trader. But before signing up with a broker, it’s vital to ensure you have the basic skills you need when trading. Check out TradingLeagues app to learn and test your skills in trading.