How to Use Reddit for Day Trading, Best Sub-Reddits to Join!

How to use Reddit for day trading? Best subreddits to join!

Who would’ve thought Reddit would become a relevant platform for day traders? Reddit, which is known for jokes, memes, and trivia, is a great place for you to connect with other day traders and keep in touch with the industry.  

If you’re interested in stock trading, then joining Reddit is a good move (if you haven’t already). 


Reddit is a social networking platform that is quite popular (it is the 20th most-visited website in the world). People on the website can post text, links, videos, etc., similar to other social media platforms. These posts can then be voted up or down by other users. They can also comment on the posts. 


Posts on the website are organized by topic. This is called a subreddit. For example, there are several subreddits for finance, many subreddits for politics, and a lot of other topics.  


Users can join these subreddits to stay updated on new posts on the subreddit

Why Reddit?

Reddit is a great place to learn because there are highly active communities (subreddits). Relevant questions can be posted on these subreddits which are then answered by the users. Users can talk about lots of things and learn from each other. 


Day trading is an especially interesting topic on Reddit. Day traders are highly active on the platform. There are numerous subreddits on day-trading that users can follow to gain insight into day-trading. Since all the content is user-generated, you can learn from real traders who may be highly experienced.

Is Reddit a good source of information?

Reddit is not like a textbook. 


The content on Reddit comes from other users. Essentially, think of Reddit as a discussion place for people. This means that you may agree with some things, you may disagree with other things, and a few things may even be false. Just like a conversation or when you take advice from a friend, you need to use your own discretion on what to absorb and what to let go of.


The beauty of Reddit is that you can get answers to questions that you cannot find in textbooks. If you have a specific question, you can search the subreddits to find an answer. You can also ask the question yourself. 

How to find the perfect subreddit?

There are several ways to find the subreddit you’re looking for. There is a “search” function on the website which can be used to find subreddits, there are pages where the most popular subreddits are listed, and there is also a subreddit for new subreddits (r/Newreddits). You can also ask for recommendations. 


We recommend using a combination of these methods until you find what you’re looking for. 

9 best day trading and stock market sub-reddits

Here is a list of some of the best subreddits on day trading and the stock market. 

Day trading: Information for your everyday trader

This subreddit is for “Day Trading – Information for your everyday trader”. There are around 1.9 million members of the subreddit. Some of the trending posts on the subreddit included “Earn interest on your day trading account” and “stock market recap” on the day of writing this article. Link to r/Daytrading.


This subreddit is “like 4chan found a Bloomberg terminal”. It has more than 13 million members. Posts on the subreddit can be like “what are your trading moves for tomorrow?” and “everybody is bullish, are we about to see the crash of the century?”. Link to r/wallstreetbets.


This subreddit is about “teaching of strategies, trades, and resources for trading”. There are around 30,000 members in the subreddit. The subreddit has a strict no-trolls policy. Link to r/RealDayTrading

Stocks - investing and trading for all

This subreddit welcomes any post related to stocks. The subreddit has around 5 million members. The subreddit has been active for more than 15 years. Link to r/stocks.

Professional traders discussing financial markets

This subreddit is for “professional traders discussing stock markets”. The subreddit has about 100,000 members. The insightful “about us” description of this subreddit boldly declares “short the world at your own peril”. Link to r/Trading.

r/StockMarket - Reddit's Front Page of the stock market

This subreddit aims to be the “front page of Reddit for the stock markets”. The subreddit boasts 2.6 million members. This subreddit offers general stock market commentary but also posts about the more technical aspects of the stock market. Link to r/StockMarket.

Algorithmic trading

The algorithmic trading subreddit will appeal to those who want to know about quantitative trading and statistical analysis methods used for trading. The subreddit has more than 1.6 million members.  Link to r/algotrading.

Futures trading

This subreddit is specifically about futures trading which will be of interest to a lot of day traders. There are 39,000 members in the subreddit. There are strict guidelines on who can post on this group, so you can expect higher-quality information. Link to r/FuturesTrading.

TheWallStreet - Money never sleeps

This subreddit is related to discussions on stocks, commodities, futures, currencies, and more. The subreddit has more than 35,000 traders. This subreddit was created more than 5,000 years ago. Link to r/thewallstreet.

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Wrapping up

If you’re looking to be a day trader, then exploring Reddit can be a great use of your time. Since the posts have an upvote system, the first posts that you will see are the most popular ones, so it’s quite efficient as well. You can participate in the community to feel like you belong. We hope you have found this article helpful.