Top Online Stock Market Courses for Beginners in India

Top online stock market courses for beginners in India- 2023

Are you a beginner interested in learning about the stock market? With proper knowledge and skills, the stock market can significantly grow your wealth over time. But where do you start? That’s where top online stock market courses come in!

2023 has seen a surge in online courses, specifically catering to beginners in India. This article will explore the top online stock market courses for beginners to make informed decisions and start their journey to financial success.

Stock market investment is one platform that has attracted people across age groups. Moreover, the online medium has made it even easier for beginners to understand the stock market. Here are a few suggestions to get your investment journey started:

  • Better your knowledge of basics of the stock market before diving into complex concepts and strategies.
  • Employ reputable sources with a proven track record of providing accurate and helpful information.
  • Join online forums and discussion pages to learn from other traders and investors.
  • Practice virtual trading to try out different strategies and get a feel of how the market works.
  • Upgrade your knowledge of the latest trends and news to make informed investment decisions.

Top online stock market learning courses in India​

Check out the top online stock market learning courses in India below:

Henry Harvin Finance Academy

Henry Harvin Finance Academy, is one of the leading institutions, providing over 200 online and offline courses. The class includes interactive boot camps for candidates who hold a year of experience. Additionally, all candidates get 24/7 lifetime access to training videos and access assignments.


Course fees: INR 9,500 for a 24-hour session

Stock Pathshala

Stock Pathshala is one of the popular stock market courses available on PlayStore. The education platform enables users to learn about the stock market using audio, text and video tutorials. Moreover, the app keeps adding new courses every one or two weeks.


Course fees: INR 999 per month


A leading international platform for learning, Udemy is accessible on the phone. The app offers courses in over 65 languages across multiple topics related to the stock market. In addition, candidates can learn at their leisure and earn expertise in online trading.


Course fees: INR 500 to 50,000


Coursera is a renowned online platform for building your stock market skills. They have tied up with over 200 leading universities across 140 countries. Users can access the courses through video lectures, discussion forums and homework to build a strong knowledge of stock trading.


Course fees: INR 1,000 to a lakh

NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)

A well-known academy specializing in stock market courses, NCFM provides training in two phases. It includes training users on overall share market and in-depth training based on NCFM and NISM modules.


Course fees: INR 11,800 to a lakh


One of the leading online eLearning communities, Skillshare includes a range of courses related specifically catering to the stock market and more. It also offers a subscription plan along with two months of free trials.


Course fees: INR 745 to 7,000 per year

NTA (Nifty Trading Academy)

NTA is an ISO-certified stock trading course in India that educates users about various strategies to become professional traders. The platform offers four career-oriented courses to update users about the stock market. These include a basic stock market course, an intraday trading course, a live trading course, and a pure profit application.


Course fees: INR 5,000 to a lakh

Wall Street School

The Wall Street School is a trusted training institution related to finance and the analytical domain. The school offers myriad courses related to financial modeling, stock wizard and more to prepare users job ready and empower investors in formulating their practical training.


Course fees: INR 12,500 for 50 hours

Booming Bulls Academy

Booming Bulls Academy is a top stock market trading center located in India. The course covers the basics of the stock market from the beginner’s point of view. Users are introduced to concepts related to trading, risk management, strategy building and psychology to apply during trading.


Course fees: INR 35,000 for 4 to 5 weeks

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

BSE is designated as the fastest stock exchange in the world and Asia’s first stock exchange. The platform offers many courses related to the stock exchange and its analysis to prepare users for the practical aspects of various aspects of stock investments.


Course fees: INR 16,000 for 16 hours


  • Can I learn stock market courses online?


Absolutely, yes. Multiple online platforms offer courses and training related to the stock market. The mediums offer courses at different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, covering various topics from stock trading, technical analysis, investing, portfolio management and fundamental analysis.


  • Which is the best course for the Indian stock market?


Several courses are available online which include NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP), BSE Institute Ltd Certified Program on Stock Market, Udemy’s Indian Stock Market for Beginners, and Coursera’s Introduction to Financial Markets.

It is recommended to consider your level of experience and specific topics which you want to learn before choosing a course.


  • Is a stock market course necessary?


If you are a beginner, learning about the intricacies can help you make more informed decisions and minimize the risks associated with investing. Taking up a course offers a solid foundation of knowledge and helps understand essential concepts. It thereby aids users select stocks they want to invest in.


  • What are other resources available for practicing stock market trading?


Yes.  Numerous resources are available to practice stock market trading, such as stock market games, paper trading, virtual trading platforms, trading communities, and news and analysis websites. For example, TradingLeagues is a fantasy stock market game that provides users with a platform to learn about the stock market through various virtual games.



The world of stock market investing can initially seem overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. However, the proper education and resources can help you gain the knowledge and skills to navigate the market and make informed decisions. By taking advantage of these courses, you can gain valuable insights and practical experience to help you grow wealth over time.