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Top 10 trading game apps in India

An increasing number of people are getting involved in the stock market in India and worldwide. The stock market allows people to trade and invest their money. However, most people don’t know how to start learning trading.

If you’re looking for a way to start learning trading,here is a short guide to the 10 best trading games apps for Indian users.


Here is a short guide to the best trading games for Indian users. 

A  trading game is a game that is based on the stock market and investing and trading in the markets.


Trading games typically provide users with a virtual portfolio of stocks and other securities that they can buy and sell using simulated money. 

If you’re wondering how to learn the stock market through games? The value of the portfolio changes based on the performance of the stocks, giving users a real-time experience of trading in the stock market. Users can track their portfolio performance, monitor news and market trends, and experiment with different trading strategies to see how they would have performed in real-world scenarios. That’s how trading games are changing the way Indians interact with the markets. 


There can be a lot of variations as well. Some games allow you to compete with other players, whereas other games are single-player. 

How to use trading games?​

Trading games are designed to provide an interactive and engaging experience that mimics the real-world stock market, allowing users to learn about investing, test trading strategies, and gain confidence in their trading abilities.


Some stock market trading games are used as educational tools in classrooms to teach students about investing, economics, and personal finance. Others are used by individual investors who want to practise trading without risking their savings or retirement funds. 

Top trading game apps in India

Top Stock Market Game Apps in India - Infographics

1. TradingLeagues

TradingLeagues is a fantasy trading game that allows users to practise stock market trading for free. TradingLeagues is on a mission to help users learn about the stock market through gamification. 


TradingLeagues virtual trading platform offer various single-player and multiplayer games such as Battle Leagues, Classic Leagues, Target Leagues, and Selection Leagues. Each type of game targets a different skill that you need to improve your trading and investing. The app offers more than 100 games which cover a diverse range of markets: the Indian stock market, the US stock market, and Cryptocurrencies. 


TradingLeagues offers both free games and paid games. The entry fee can be as low as Rs. 2. You can also earn money through the games. 


The app is available on the Apple App Store. You can also download an APK directly from the website

2. Stocktry

Stocktry is a gaming app that has been operating since 2020. Stocktry is a game which allows you to follow financial news from several sources on one platform. It also provides a fast withdrawal process. 


Stocktry offers some free challenges, while other games are paid. Stocktry is only available on Google Play Store. 

3. Bullspree

Bullspree has been around since 2020 and promises a fun experience through various games. Their app provides a leaderboard to compare your performance against others. They run several contests in which users can participate. 


Bullspree offers both free and paid options. Bullspree is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

4. StockPe

StockPe offers a way to trade the stock markets through tournaments virtually. Users can earn reward coins if they perform well in tournaments which can be converted into real money. The app offers a learning module where you can learn about the stock market. 


StockPe offers some free games, while others need to be paid for. StockPe is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

5. TradingGame

TradingGame offers games on stocks, commodities, bitcoin, indices, and currencies. The app is available in eight languages (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian & Italian). 


TradingGame has a few free options to play, while some options need to be paid for with real money. This app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. 

6. StockGro

StockGro is an app which provides you Rs. 10 lakhs in virtual currency to start investing virtually. The app has different leagues in which you can participate. You even receive a default portfolio built for you that you can track. 


StockGro offers both free and paid options to participate. The app is available on both Android and iOS as well as on your desktop. 

7. Three Dots

The Three Dots app was released in 2021 and has more than 10 Lakh downloads. The app provides a gaming arena with several contests where users can compete. The app allows you to compare your performance with other users. 


Games on the app can be played without spending real money but some contests have an entry fee. The app can be accessed on Android as well as iOS. 

8. Stock Market Fair

Stock Market Fair is an app which offers a way to play in various markets and then make bets based on probability (or odds). The app gives a welcome bonus to new users. 


Users need to deposit real money in order to start playing. The app is available on iOS devices as well as Android devices. 

9. Stock Exchange Game

The Stock Exchange Game has more than 1 million downloads. The app offers a variety of games and there is no need to register an account to start playing. 


The Stock Exchange Game can be played for free, while you can also use real money to play more. The app is only available on the Google Play Store. 

10. FTL

The Fantasy Trading League is a financial-education platform that helps users learn about the financial markets through games. Their app allows users to play games based on both the stock and cryptocurrency market. 


The FTL app is largely free, while some options can only be unlocked using in-game purchases. The app is available on both Play Store and App Store. 

Wrapping up

There are several stock market trading games out there to choose from. Each of these games has its own pros and cons. Try out a trading game for beginners like TradingLeagues, and see if you enjoy the experience. TradingLeagues offers a variety of fun games where you can compete with others and also grow your skills as a trader and investor.