You can polish your crypto trading skills minus wagering actual money with the best paper trading apps and simulators listed here.

6 Best crypto paper trading apps & simulators in 2023

Have you been learning about crypto trading of late? Have you finally decided to explore crypto trading or investment? Then you might also have been worried about making losses from lack of expertise. As a beginner, consider crypto paper trading as an alternative that you can trust. You can polish your crypto trading skills minus wagering actual money with paper trading apps and simulators. 

The process wherein you use simulated trades for practising crypto trade or investment is called crypto paper trading. It simply allows you to understand how a crypto market works without any risk of committing money to un-informed crypto trading. Experienced traders recommend the platforms for beginners who can begin real trading after clarifying how things work in the market.

6 Best crypto paper trading apps & simulators in 2023

Among the several methods to improve your crypto trading understanding and skills, engaging with crypto simulators ranks at the top. Take a look at the most popular and reliable paper trading apps and simulators for crypto paper trading below-

1. KuCoin Sandbox

KuCoin Sandbox is apt for traders looking to test strategies without any risk of losing money. The paper trading app allows you to connect over an API or a test trading network to prepare for real trading.


Its top features are-

2. Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin Hero - Bitcoin Trading Simulator

This trading simulator is accessible at all times and on just about any device. It doesn’t need any download, either.


Its top features are-

3. CryptoSpaniards

Cryptocurrency Simulator: Invest fake money and play your strategies without risking real money

An apt choice for prospective crypto traders willing to get accustomed to what the market offers prior to investing real funds. 


Its top features are-

4. Bitcoin Flip

Bitcoin Game -Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator | Bitcoin Flip App

An interface for virtual trading that is suited for crypto beginners, it lets you track your overall losses and gains via a display figure on the page’s top corner.


Its top features are-

5. Bitfinex

The decentralised exchange comes with a popular feature for Paper Trading, where you can polish those trading techniques. You can verify your email or use Fido to complete the account opening formalities, then tick the Paper trading checkbox and get going!


Its top features are-

6. eToro

Demo Trading Account - Try investing risk free

eToro is a trading exchange for traditional as well as decentralised assets and offers its demo account for traders willing to catch up on some learning. 


Its top features are-

Limitations of crypto paper trading platforms & simulators

While crypto paper trading is a reliable learning tool, it does come with its own set of limitations or disadvantages. Here are some potential issues you need to have an idea about, as you begin to engage with crypto paper trading apps and simulators.

Accuracy issues with fee depiction

When you begin to use paper trading or virtual trading apps, you may not get an idea of what effect this has on real money. There are additional inaccuracies that might not be clear in terms of commissions or platform fees.

For example, consider the fact that when you purchase crypto in real, it could cost around an additional $0.50 higher than in the case of paper trading. Such costs might multiply, but the paper trading platforms fail to display the same with accuracy.

Confusion between market trade and individual actions

When you start out with paper trading for crypto, be on the watch for market correlation-related problems. 

Cryptocurrency tends to fluctuate as a result of lockstep movements. However, as a beginner, you might not understand why such price movements occur when you engage in paper trading. For instance, when you put in a lump sum of virtual funds in any meme coin on a paper trade app, your portfolio will grow since BTC prices will trigger coin jumps. But then, if you keep pumping money into the same coin, assuming success, you could have losses when the correlation ends.

A tip here is always to research the crypto markets you are involved in. Check up on market trends to correlate the rise or fall in prices and to know what triggers these movements.

Lesser emotional connect

Paper trading does not use real money; thus, you do not feel the excitement of making a profit or the lows of going through a loss. This might help you make decisions without any stress, but it also kills the joy of feeling high when you trade in real life.  

Hop onto the TradingLeagues app and engage in simulating games that help polish your crypto trading skills without the limitations of paper trading on other apps. Read on to know how.

Play ClassicLeagues on TradingLeagues for real-time, simulated day-trading

TradingLeagues offers various games under four leagues, introducing you to the world of crypto trading. One of these leagues is called the Classic Leagues.

Classic Leagues - Pick a stock and practise intraday trading. 

Classic Leagues allows players to compete with each other as they engage in day-trading. Experience a rush of competitive juices as you compete in an environment that is completely skills-based. Check the ‘Leaderboard’ that showcases the list of participants with their avatars and the winning positions. Classic Leagues fosters competition while transparently displaying the add-on transaction costs that could be part of real-time crypto trading. Classic Leagues offers a way better alternative to most paper trading apps because it:

Employ various strategies as you play the different games across the four leagues, namely-

Make crypto pricing predictions and win when your guess comes true. Playing on TradingLeagues helps you understand how the market works! Enhance your skills for execution by testing various strategies across the games. The app lets you train well before transitioning towards real cryptocurrency trading. head over to TradingLeagues now!


Choosing the apt paper trading apps can enhance your beginner-level trading skills and add to your knowledge. Paper trading takes to a level close to understanding how the crypto market works for traders. It lets you experience the rush of trading without the risks. Meanwhile, this makes you well poised to face the real risks of trading in crypto.