Top 5 Cryptocurrency day trading strategies for beginners

Top 5 Cryptocurrency day trading strategies for beginners

Cryptocurrency has currently turned into a much more mainstream investment choice now. The trends and performances in the crypto market help traders understand how the currency behaves and how the market works before making investments in crypto.


When you buy and sell crypto coins to make profits, you are trading in the same. Trading strategy forms the backbone of trading and every trader adopts a different strategy. This helps set up rules that facilitate trading in the crypto marketplaces.

Take a look at the top cryptocurrency trading strategies that could help you trade in the market. Adopting these helps you control the financial risks of crypto trading. It also helps prevent losses from impulsive investments without an idea of how crypto trading works. 

Crypto day trading strategies in 2023 for beginners

When you are a beginner in trading crypto, the right strategy to choose will depend on your risk tolerance. The expert advice in this context is to adopt a small and passive strategy. However, you could engage in active trading if you manage to pick a strategy that supports the same.

Crypto day trading strategies in 2023 for beginners

1. Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is a beginner-friendly strategy and involves the studying of financial data. This comprises historical prices as well as data points. Analysing the chart patterns will help you locate the statistical trends in crypto markets and manage the risk as a beginner. Naturally, you get to identify opportunities that can help you trade for earning profits.

Why does this strategy work for beginners?

2. Range Trading

Range trading is based on targeting the non-trending (sideways) markets by means of identifying the high and low-priced coins when stable. As a beginner, it helps to find such information from charts under the support and resistance level hearers. 


As a beginner, you can use a range trading strategy to find the right time to purchase any crypto asset at a low price. You can also figure out the right time for selling the same for a higher price.

Why does this range trading strategy work for beginners?

3. Long straddle

The strategy for long straddle in day trading with crypto targets making a profit from the volatility of markets. With this strategy, you purchase a call and a put contract for a single cryptocurrency.  That is, you make the purchase with the same expiry date and strike price.


In a long straddle, it’s expected that while one side of the trade may result in losses, the profit gained from the winning position will outweigh those losses, leading to an overall net gain.

Why does this long straddle strategy work for beginners?

4. Breakout strategy

With this strategy, you will be on the lookout to enter any trade once the price of a coin breaks out to a specific level. As a beginner employing this strategy, you need to aim to bank upon the acceleration in the direction of such movement. The price breakout might occur in both the upward or the downward directions. 

Why does this strategy work for beginners?

5. Arbitrage

With the arbitrage strategy, you buy a coin on an exchange to later sell it on another exchange for a profit.  This lets you take advantage of price variations in a specific coin on two separate exchanges.

Why does this arbitrage strategy work for beginners?


Once you judge your goals from crypto trading and risk appetite, you can pick one or a mix of strategies for the same. The best strategy for crypto trading is one that is suitable for the financial goals you have. 


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